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  • A programming language to help you with your work

    Whats new in version 2.10.3:
    New operator:
    • The new \'~=\' operator checks for the approximate equality of objects, using Donald Knuth\'s numerical method. The operator is very useful to cope with round-off errors in floating point operations. To change the epsilon threshold, please use the environ.kernel/eps facility, changing the value of the global system variable `Eps` will not work due to performance and consistency reasons, e.g.: environ.kernel(\'eps\':1e5); To check the current setting of the \'~=\' epsilon setting, just enter:
    • environ.kernel(\'eps\') Miscellaneous:
    • `calc.fsum` has been extended to also process multivariate functions.
    • The new C API function `agn_getepsilon` returns the setting of the accuracy threshold epsilon used by the \'~=\' operator and the `approx` function. `agn_setepsilon` sets the threshold. Improvement of the `linalg` package:
    • The new function `trace\' determines the trace of a square matrix using Kahan-Ozawa summation to prevent (or at least minimize) roundoff errors.
    • The new functi...

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